Aqueous phase paint

Developed by our engineers, the Glycero aqueous phase paint is the liquid paint for tomorrow because it’s more ecological and fit on environmental requirements.

This paint is offered to all our customers which apply their paint on all types of metal support (metal furniture, appliances, general industry).

There is an example of application of aqueous phase paint by Forges De Niaux

Our Glycero aqueous phase paint :

- is easier for the application;

- has the lowest VOC rate on the industrial market (<1%);

- has the equivalent characteristics than solvent based products;

- has a faster drying than the solvent based products.


We manufacture to order and we are able to produce each type of classic RAL, pantone RAL and NCS RAL. We can also countertype the tint you need. 

We offer smooth, textured or grained structure, and different shades of brightness (from 5% to 90%).

We always have in stock the most frequently ordered colors, then the delivery time is very short. 

Manufacture of industrial paints