Building paint

We manufacture our building paint in our factory and we sell it under the trademark ETIPRO.

We have developed a wide range of paint under the trademark ETIPRO for building painting with a competitive price and a delivery service.

There is no more intermediaries between the manufacturer and the user, you benefit from the expertise and advice by paying factory direct prices.

We manufacture to order and we are able to produce each type of classic RAL, pantone RAL and NCS RAL. We can also countertype the tint you need. 


We always have in stock the most frequently ordered colors in order to ensure a short delivery time. 


  1. High technical performance
  2. Paintings in relation with our environmental policy.
  3. Products that provide a real advantage: time savings, easier on the use, lower on your labor costs.
  4. Customer satisfaction ...
  5. Delivery to your deposit or your building site



Manufacture of industrial paints