Eticoat liquid paints

Liquid paints are the historic products manufactured by ACG INDUSTRIE.

We offer a large and complete range of liquid paints which contains:

- High temperature paint;

- The solvent-based paint;

- Aqueous phase paint;

- Anticorrosive primer;

- Polyuréthane lacquer;

Floor paint;

- Acrylic retouch bombs;

- Finishing varnish;

- Thinners and cleaning solvents.

We offer smooth, textured or grained structure, and different shades of brightness (from 5% to 80%).

We manufacture to order and we are able to produce each type of classic RAL, pantone RAL and NCS RAL. We can also countertype the tint you need. 

We always have in stock the most frequently ordered colors, then the delivery time is very short. 


Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Manufacture of industrial paints