Eticoat powder coatings

Manufacture in our factory for more than 20 years, powder coatings represent now 80% of our activity.

Powder coatings have the advantage of not polluting neither circuit's water of spray booth nor aspiration air of application booth: there is no release of V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Under the brand ETICOAT we manufacture polyester powder, epoxy powder and mixt powder whose you can discover the ranges here and here.

We manufacture a wide range of powder coatings : 

  - Smooth powder coating

  - Primer Epoxy powder coating which is salt air resistant (1500h)

  - Textured powder coating 

  - Grained powder coating 

  - Degassing powder coating 

  - Powder coating for induction 

  - Low temperature powder coating

  - Corrosion resistant powder coating 

  - Powder coating for toys


We offer the full range of Pantone, NCS and classic RAL, embossed, textured or smooth. We can also duplicate the paint you use. 

Our largest customers are leader market of metal furniture (shelving, office furniture), car parts (springs, sway bars), foundry, fire extinguisher...

    customer : STOW (AVERYS group) 



  • A bespoke manufacture
  • Products validated and recommended by international leaders of differents market
  • A technical servica and a laboratory at your disposal
  • Decreasing rates. We are completely transparent on our prices and we offer discounted rates according to your potential annual consumption and your purchasing frequency. 



                                                                       Octabin (600kg)

                                                        Our boxes are all made with recyclated raw material and are recyclable.



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