Our laboratory

Research and Development Department

Our engineers develop products that answer to the technical specifications of the clients. They always stay aware of the technical evolutions in order to be pro active and make proposals to our customers

Range :

Industrial powder coatings: 

- Epoxy - Epoxy / Polyester - Polyester

Industrial liquid paint (aqueous phase or solvent based):

- Alkyd - Acrylic - Vinyl - Cellulose - Alkyd / melanin

- Bi-component polyurethane - epoxy-polyamid Bi-component
- Ester Epoxy - Silicone

Decorative paint (solvent phase or aqueous phase):

- Alkyd - Styrene-Acrylic - Hydropliolite - Siloxane

Equipment : 

We are equipped with:

- Application equipments: airless, electro, airmix ...
- Aging equipments: salt spray test, climatic chamber, QUV, ...

Services :  

Our engineers can come to your plant to:

- Help on the industrialization of new products on your application chain or on building.
- Establish an audit of your application equipment
- Establish a VOC Control.

Manufacture of industrial paints